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Naturally, women are secretive beings. In fact, a woman can take her secrets to the grave. That’s why there are things that every hot woman is guilty of doing yet she will never admit. Majority of them are things that women do privately and they are not likely to be caught discussing them in public.

Perhaps, that’s because these things do not align with a stereotypical aura that the society expects women to exude. Some of them are simply disgusting. Nevertheless, it’s the right of every woman or las vegas asian escorts to be human. That’s why women can proper and prim on the outside while freaking on their inside.

A woman can post countless photos of her online doing great things but never admit to doing certain things. Here are some of the most common things that women never admit.


Every woman is guilty of stalking a man on social media. And some women spend hours stalking men online. Majority of the people that women stalk are their ex and their current girlfriends. But, don’t be surprised to learn that your ex-girlfriend could be stalking your cousin’s husband or your best friend. Women have no limit when it comes to stalking. That’s because they like being informed about what is happening in the life of others. Nevertheless, when you meet a woman she will pretend that she doesn’t know anything.

Shaving Body Parts That Will Be Showing

Shaving body parts like legs is an arduous task. Although some women don’t have many parts to shave, there are women that always shave the skin parts that will show. That means they take a razor after deciding on the outfit to wear. For instance, if a woman decides to wear ripped jeans, she has to shave her knees.

Crying for No Reason

According to asian escorts a woman is an emotional creature. Although most women try to hide this habit from the public, they cry relentlessly when alone. And even something trivial can make a woman cry uncontrollably. For instance, a woman can cry because of ruined eyeliner. She can also cry when she wants to vent out anger. If a woman breaks down and starts to cry while around, the best thing to do is to support her rather than ridicule her feelings.

Using the Mirror to Practice a Conversation

Women like being prepared for everything. That’s why a woman can act crazy just to make sure that she is prepared. For instance, a woman can compose a conversation mentally and even execute it while looking at herself in a mirror. The goal is to ensure that the conversation conveys the desired message or meaning.

Pretend to be in a Phone Conversation

When a man that a woman is not interested in approaches her, she uses her sixth sense. At such a moment, a woman can pretend to be on phone until the guy gets bored and goes. This is easier for a woman than telling the guy off.

Basically, most women are guilty of doing these things. But, they will never admit when confronted or even speak about it in public.

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